How To Start Conversation With A Girl Over Text On Tinder

For men, using Tinder is not a very complicated process, unlike women who pay keen attention to every detail in the man’s bio and then make their choice after some really deep thinking, for us men, we just keep swiping right until we finally find a match.

While the odds of getting matched with someone is a rare phenomenon for men, the chances of actually convincing the girl to go out on a date with you are even fewer.

Because even though we finally get the match we are soon faced with the dilemma of how to initiate a conversation with the girl!

Now, why is that so? You see, women have a plethora of men to choose from in their Tinder profiles, so even when men finally manage to get matched with a woman, the competition we face is way more.

And in order to beat the competition, we have to find unique ways to stand out from other guys so that the girl notices us before anybody else. Due to this, an average man on Tinder is always on the lookout for unique ways through which he can get the attention of the girl before others.

Now there are various ways through which a man can get the girl’s attention. You can always start the conversation with a light-hearted question, go for the classic funny pick-up line, start the conversation with a flirty yet witty compliment.

The trick is in finding the right message that both reflects your personality accurately while also appealing to the girl in the correct way.

Now if you’re looking for the perfect conversation starters without thinking too hard about it, here’s a list of some great Tinder first messaging strategies that you can try out.


Strategy #1: Compliment And Question:

Each Tinder profile has a list of various photos of the girl be it a picture under the setting sun, a photo from a hike, a random aesthetically pleasing scenery, a party, a Halloween cosplay, or just a random funny photo or a meme.

All these scenarios are great as they have something or the other that you can comment about which can be great conversation starters.

Start off by simply commenting something really nice and casual about the photo and follow-through by asking a question regarding it.

For Example:

“Just love your hiking photo! Where was it taken exactly!?”

“Now that’s a great sunset shot! Must’ve been an amazing day, right?”

“Hey, that’s a great cat costume! Where’d you get it from!?”

“That’s such a cute puppy! Is he/she yours?”

“Noticed you were holding a guitar in one of your photos, how long have you been playing exactly?”

What’s great about these messages is that not only do they compliment the other person like talks about, but they end with an interesting question which she would be intrigued to reply to, hence a great way to start a conversation.


Strategy #2 Casually Flirty:

Tinder is probably one of the few platforms where it’s completely acceptable to get flirty every once in a while. But you have to keep in mind that you don’t get carried away with it and end up saying something offensive instead.

While some girls are fine with being flirty others might not feel that way, a great way to tell is to read her profile. If her profile contains flirtatious or sexually charged elements only then shall you proceed with this strategy? The key is to give them a little tease and leave them expecting more from you.

Seems too complicated? Don’t worry, here are some great examples:

“Cute smile, what makes it come out the most?”

“Wow, you look like you really know how to have a good time! Have you had any adventures lately?”

“I was really looking forward to getting to match with you, looks like you enjoy a lot of things I do”

“Love your profile pic, looks like you know what you’re about”

“Oh hello! Nice meeting you here, what a pleasant coincidence”

As you can see these messages are rather pushy so please make sure that the girl you’re approaching is completely fine with it.


Strategy #3 A Random Question Followed By A Comment:

This strategy works well when the girl you’re about to text has a funny photo or a random edgy meme, these signs indicate that the girl has a great sense of humor. Only in such rare circumstances, a more goofy, silly approach can work very effectively.

For example:

“What’s your favorite Kevin Hart movie?”

“I’m asking around: Where do you think I can get Avocado in town?”

“So, I just finished watching Endgame and I really don’t get it. I mean, all that for a few stones!?”

“I love songs with some badly played flute tunes. Know any good ones?”


 Strategy #4 “A Casual Greeting Followed By A Question”:

This strategy works in case the profile that you matched with is good but does not really contain enough content to initiate a conversation. These messages are safe and simple and will guarantee a good conversation.

For example:

“Hey there! How are things going with you today?”

“Hey, how’s your day going so far?”

“Hello, so how’s the weather treating you today?”

“Hey, how’s everything? Are you up to something fun this weekend!?”


Summing Up

Starting a conversation can be tricky at first but once you get used to it, it gets extremely easy. The key is to not be nervous, don’t try too hard, and be as efficient as you can.

There are always chances that some women don’t respond to you at all, but don’t be disheartened, learn from your mistakes and try better next time.

It’s not you, it’s just the way the app works.

So don’t give up, put yourself out there, give your hundred percent. If some strategies don’t work, shake things up a bit, try different approaches. Never get fixated on just one way. Concentrate on yourself, and try to make things better for yourself.

I hope this article was helpful, I wish you the best of luck.

Does Tinder Really Work Without Paying?

It’s 2021 and Tinder has officially completed 9 years since its initial release, as avid users of the app put it, that the app has most certainly come a long way since its initial release. 

Albeit, subscribers who prefer the app’s famous feature “Tinder Plus” have complained that it has become extremely expensive over the years.

Tinder has a wide user base. Needless to say, that with such a wide user base, everybody using this app has developed their own unique way of using the app.

So, whether or not the app’s premium feature, “Tinder Plus” is the right app for you is really up to you and how much time, effort and money are you willing to invest in finding your “perfect partner” through this app. 

In this article, I am going to dig deep and help you get a clear idea of whether Tinder Plus is worth your investment or not.



o   What Is Different About Tinder Plus?

o   Price Of Tinder Plus.

o   Is It Worth Your Investment?

o   5 Reasons Why Tinder Plus Is Actually Great.


What Is Different About Tinder Plus?

Tinder Plus is actually a paid premium feature on your Tinder app.

Usually, Tinder is free to use but by purchasing the premium version of the app you get access to a few extra features like unlimited swiping, unlimited likes, the ability to rewind your last swipe, 5 super likes daily, 1 monthly boost, Passport swipe all over the world, and the ability to use the app without getting interrupted by any ads.


Price Of Tinder Plus.

As of now, Tinder Plus costs around $9.99 per month for adults aged below 30 years and $19.99 for adults aged above 30 years. Although, there are different packages with varying prices.

Currently, there’s a 12-month package as well as a 6-month package. These packages cost comparatively cheaper than the monthly packages.

So, by buying these packages is certainly save more money which you can spend on your date instead.


Is It Worth Your Investment?

In my opinion, based on personal experience, Tinder Plus is definitely worth the investment.

I can assure you, Tinder Plus gives more exposure to your account compared to the free version of the app so more people will notice you and the more people notice the higher are the chances of you getting a match.

Moreover, Tinder Plus offers several additional cool features which boost your chances of getting a match even more and make the overall experience of using the app better and smoother.

Although, it must be noted that while Tinder Plus gives your account more exposure the answer to whether you’ll get a match or no entirely depends on how well you set up your account.


5 Reasons Why Tinder Plus Is Actually Great.

Limitless Swiping:

There’s nothing more wholesome than after a hard day of work, you come home, grab a bag of nachos, sit on the couch and keep swiping on Tinder, enthusiastically waiting to get a match, am I right?

You’re carelessly swiping, like you’re carelessly eating those nachos from the bag of nachos you have in your hands, and all of a sudden, you’ve completely out of swipes.

Think about it, what if your one true soulmate was just one swipe away, and you ran out of your daily limited swipes just before you could swipe them! Wouldn’t that be terrible!? This could be life-changing.

You need not fear my friend, this is exactly why we have Tinder Plus.

With Tinder Plus you get unlimited swipes, and hence your chances of getting a match is completely dependent on and limited by how well you design your account as there’s no limitation on the number of swipes you have access to.


Rewind Your Last Swipe:

We’ve all come across that pathetic feeling that you get when you mistakenly swipe someone left and realize that the account of the person that you just “rejected” by swiping left might be the one, and now that the deed is done there’s no way you can go back and undo it as you have the normal version of Tinder and it does not allow you to undo your swipes.

With Tinder Plus you have no such issue whatsoever as you have the option to rewind your swipe. By using the “rewind” option you’re basically recalling the account that you mistakenly swiped left and you can undo your mistake by swiping it right.


Tinder Passport:

Another great feature that comes along with Tinder Plus is the “Tinder Passport”

This feature is extremely beneficial if you’re an avid traveler, or you’re constantly making business trips. The Tinder Passport feature allows you to change your location, no matter where you are.

This way you can preemptively change your location to your next business trip and hence make great friendships and contacts before you actually reach that place.

This feature is not available in the free version of Tinder, so Tinder Passport is another major advantage of having Tinder Plus.


Unlimited Number Of Likes:

In the normal version of Tinder, not only do you have a limited number of swipes, but also a limited number of likes.

Liking someone’s profile is a great way to show some extra affection to the few accounts that really stand out, but this is really not possible for people using the normal version of Tinder.

Luckily with Tinder Plus, you have access to unlimited likes, so there’s no holding back now, you can give likes unlimited amounts of time.

Moreover, you can always see whoever has liked your profiles which is a great feature and a major advantage to have. Hence, purchasing Tinder Plus is a great idea for you if you want to know who your secret admirers are.


No Ads:

Needless to say, those ads really ruin the whole experience of using your favorite app.

Ads in the normal version of Tinder are especially annoying as they keep popping up in between your swipes and every now and then you end up opening an advertisement out of nowhere and it can sometimes drive you crazy.

So, needless to say, an ad-free version of any app makes the experience of using that app much better and Tinder is no exception.

I hope that through this article it’s very obvious that even though the free version of Tinder is usable, the paid version really does enhance your experience.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Daygame

Daygame is one of the most well-known words in the PUA industry. It means approaching a girl you don’t know during the day-time. This can also happen during night time. Basically, the difference between daygame and nightgame (bars, clubs, etc.) is anywhere you approach a girl where she isn’t sitting in a bar or club.

That approach counts as daygame.

So why do I think it is so effective?

Well, that’s what the whole article is about.

I’m going to talk about why even though most of the daygame approaches you do, you will get rejected. And why that doesn’t matter.

I will also talk about how you can very quickly get rid of approach anxiety. That way, you won’t have to dedicated 2-3 hours everyday to just daygame because that is one of the most inefficient ways of doing pickup. Instead, you could be running your usual errands, things that you were going to do anyway. And then if you come across a cute girl that you like, you could quickly approach her and see if she would be interested in you.

I do have to give credit where credit is due, this method of getting rid of approach anxiety, I learned it from john Anthony lifestyles and Derek from more plates more dates.

So, without any further ado, lets just jump right into it.


  1. You Think Willpower Is All You Need

There is nothing wrong in believing that all you need is willpower to start approaching 10-20 girls everyday and you will have the dating life of your dreams.

But here’s the thing – every day you wake up, you have a limited amount of willpower. And with each decision you make throughout the day, you willpower gets used up.

So imagine you using your willpower to do each and each cold approach. Imagine how much willpower you will use up. At the end of your daygame session, you won’t even have any energy left to do other things in your life that you absolutely have to do.

So, instead of you using your willpower to do every approach, you should instead create a habit out of it. That way, whenever you see a cute girl, you don’t even have to think about it. Before you know it, you are already moving toward her and introducing yourself to her.

That way, your brain won’t even have a chance to use your willpower to justify this approach to yourself and picturing all the good things that could come out of this relationship. You would just take massive action without much effort and create all of those things for yourself.


  1. Your Brain Is Irrational

This is one of the most common things I’ve heard guys talk about – I’ve done daygame approaches and 9 out of 10 times I’ve gotten rejected.

Tinder is much more efficient at getting dates because you are not wasting time getting ready, travelling to the location and then approaching girls.

Sure, that is a great argument. And you definitely should integrate dating apps like tinder, bumble, okcupid, etc in your sourcing methods. Because you want to have access to as many cute and hot girls as possible. Because like john Anthony likes to say – it will exponentially increase your chances of getting that one girlfriend that you have always been looking for. Or maybe multiple girlfriends if you are into that kind of stuff.

Either way, the main thing is, the rejections don’t matter.

So why does it feel so dreadful to approach a beautiful girl in the street?

Well, the answer is simple. So simple that we made it more complicated for ourselves – it is our primal brain.

The fear that you feel throughout your body when you approach a girl, it is justified. And it is there because back in the day when we used to live in small tribes, all beautiful women were taken by the local alpha males. And anyone that tried to poach those females from him would either get killed or would have to battle the alpha male for them.

And the winner of this battle would get all the women that the other guy had.

So back in the day, if your approach wasn’t good enough, you could literally get killed for it.

Luckily, we are living in safer times now. We live in cities where we have laws and police protecting us.

But our brain hasn’t evolved much in the last 100,000 years. So it still thinks that if you approach that beautiful random girl in the street, you would have to go to fight with the alpha guy that she is currently with and win that battle to win her over.

That never happens though does it.

Have you ever matched with a girl on tinder and had to literally get in the ring and fight another dude for her? Never. That’s the same with daygame. But the only difference is, you are going to get to approach girls that are much more beautiful and are pleasing for you in real life.

Tinder isn’t a good representation of a person because it is easy to make anyone look good in pictures. That is why they say, pictures can be, or in most cases, are deceiving. You only see the true person when you meet them in real life.


  1. How Do You Get Rid of Approach Anxiety?

It is very simple.

I’m assuming that you are a guy who is dedicated to improving himself. You spend every day improving your body, your skills and your mind. And that means you are going to the gym on a regular basis.

Here’s how John Mulvehill from John Anthony Lifestyle puts it – this girl that you are afraid of approaching is a 110 pound female with very low upper body strength.

So, even if she could put all her energy into punching you really hard, it wouldn’t hurt you that much. She is just a cute 110 pound female that you would like to get to know. The anxiety you are feeling right now is either your primal brain like I mentioned above, or it is your perception that if people were to overhear your conversation they would judge you for it.

Well, here’s the reality my friend – all the people that you see on the street right now, you will never see the again. So even if they hear your conversation, the fact that you will never see them again, makes their judgement invalid because it doesn’t affect your life at all.

But here’s the opposite side of the coin – if you really hit it off with the girl you just approached, it could end up being one of the best relationships you’ve ever been in.

Who knows, you might even end up marrying this person.

So you have to ask yourself this question – do you think it is a big deal that some random people you will never see again will hear what you are talking about with this girl in the street?

Or do you think it doesn’t matter what they think because you are shooting your shot. And if you land it, it could literally change your life for the better?

I hope the answer to that question is that it doesn’t matter what they think and that you should go for what you want. Because that is the best way to live your life. You shouldn’t force yourself to underachieve in anything in your life just because what other people might think about you.