How Hair Loss Can Change Perceptions And Restrict Life Choices

Having voluminous hair is a sign of good health. Also, it is a critical feature in today’s living to have an acceptable appearance. Set by the standard of the society, how we physically look mainly includes our hair as the crowning glory.

Hair falls out every day and that’s normal while hair loss happens for a number of reasons such as stress, hormonal changes, and radiation treatment, among others. The most common cause of hair loss among men and women is Androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Having such a condition, this is a state that no one would want to suffer from. Although this can be experienced by both genders, hair loss is more troubling for women. Challenging enough, this brings a lot of devastatingly negative emotional aspects as well as hindering certain life choices.


Hair loss in everyone’s eyes and the hindrances undergone by sufferers

To give a wider understanding, we will be discussing the problem as stated in without the purpose of mocking people who are experiencing this condition.

  • A sign of aging begins

With the absence of desirability and vitality, this dramatically signals the end of youth as losing hair makes both genders look older. Hair loss is unconsciously associated with inevitable aging. As mentioned by, one can start losing hair as early as 15 or 16 years old.

  • Incapable of doing hairstyles

Most spend a lot of time and money grooming, curling, and dyeing their hair to give themselves a new look. However, the thinning of hair is makes it difficult to do different styles, resulting in those who suffer in hair loss go frustrated. Some would opt to wear a wig even if they would cost a lot of penny.

  • Hats on from now on

To disguise from thinning hairline, wearing of hats and/or caps must be done even during warm weather. One has to endure the heat just to avoid being seen in public with the extreme loss of hair.

  • Having low self-esteem

Physical beauty is one of the foundations of overall self-worth. People always want to look their best. Seeing their condition in the mirror every time, self-esteem drops noticeably.

  • Humiliation from others

It is painful to be an object of discrimination for hair loss. At some of their lives, it is expected that they get to experience being teased.

  • Depression and avoidance

From having low self-esteem and being humiliated by other people, some tend to feel depressed and want to hide from the world. They develop the belief of having no power of controlling losing a certain part of their life.


Bald is not bad at all

On the other side of the coin, there are positive effects of hair loss.

  • Intelligent bald men

Did you know that bald men have an above-average sense of self-worth and are perceived as more intelligent? According to Cash’s study in 1988 wherein, 3 groups were asked to rate the person in the slides shown for intelligence, social & physical attractiveness, self-assertiveness, personal likability, life success, and perceived age. The result? Bald models were apparently negative on the aforementioned measurement except for intelligence.

  • Chance to dress nicely

Take it as an opportunity to dress better than ever in improving self-confidence and appearance.


The bottom line

Schedule a consultation with your trichologist for better analysis. Also, there are a number of treatment options to be followed to put an end to this occurrence.

Whatever they may say, always remember that it’s just your hair. Your strength to fight, push harder, and win in life still matters the most. We believe that you can make it. This is not the end of the world, right?


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