Nick is coming back. This time, we’re here to win!

Yes, we know we took our website offline for a while. But that was because we wanted to focus on coming up with a better strategy to dominate the wall street. People have been struggling all over the country and the profits on the stock market have been higher than ever.

How could that be that when the nation is suffering there are some people raking in cash hand over fist? We wanted to come up with a better solution so that all of us could come up together and live the lives we imagined ourselves to be living. Not the lives that we HAVE to live because of circumstances.

We are here to change the circumstances and better the life of everyone who supports us. This does not mean we are going to push to increase taxes on the rich, or anything else. We have come up with a better solution and have worked out the issues and we think this will make the US the best country in the world to live in and to do business in.

Here’s to a better future!