Does Tinder Really Work Without Paying?

It’s 2021 and Tinder has officially completed 9 years since its initial release, as avid users of the app put it, that the app has most certainly come a long way since its initial release. 

Albeit, subscribers who prefer the app’s famous feature “Tinder Plus” have complained that it has become extremely expensive over the years.

Tinder has a wide user base. Needless to say, that with such a wide user base, everybody using this app has developed their own unique way of using the app.

So, whether or not the app’s premium feature, “Tinder Plus” is the right app for you is really up to you and how much time, effort and money are you willing to invest in finding your “perfect partner” through this app. 

In this article, I am going to dig deep and help you get a clear idea of whether Tinder Plus is worth your investment or not.



o   What Is Different About Tinder Plus?

o   Price Of Tinder Plus.

o   Is It Worth Your Investment?

o   5 Reasons Why Tinder Plus Is Actually Great.


What Is Different About Tinder Plus?

Tinder Plus is actually a paid premium feature on your Tinder app.

Usually, Tinder is free to use but by purchasing the premium version of the app you get access to a few extra features like unlimited swiping, unlimited likes, the ability to rewind your last swipe, 5 super likes daily, 1 monthly boost, Passport swipe all over the world, and the ability to use the app without getting interrupted by any ads.


Price Of Tinder Plus.

As of now, Tinder Plus costs around $9.99 per month for adults aged below 30 years and $19.99 for adults aged above 30 years. Although, there are different packages with varying prices.

Currently, there’s a 12-month package as well as a 6-month package. These packages cost comparatively cheaper than the monthly packages.

So, by buying these packages is certainly save more money which you can spend on your date instead.


Is It Worth Your Investment?

In my opinion, based on personal experience, Tinder Plus is definitely worth the investment.

I can assure you, Tinder Plus gives more exposure to your account compared to the free version of the app so more people will notice you and the more people notice the higher are the chances of you getting a match.

Moreover, Tinder Plus offers several additional cool features which boost your chances of getting a match even more and make the overall experience of using the app better and smoother.

Although, it must be noted that while Tinder Plus gives your account more exposure the answer to whether you’ll get a match or no entirely depends on how well you set up your account.


5 Reasons Why Tinder Plus Is Actually Great.

Limitless Swiping:

There’s nothing more wholesome than after a hard day of work, you come home, grab a bag of nachos, sit on the couch and keep swiping on Tinder, enthusiastically waiting to get a match, am I right?

You’re carelessly swiping, like you’re carelessly eating those nachos from the bag of nachos you have in your hands, and all of a sudden, you’ve completely out of swipes.

Think about it, what if your one true soulmate was just one swipe away, and you ran out of your daily limited swipes just before you could swipe them! Wouldn’t that be terrible!? This could be life-changing.

You need not fear my friend, this is exactly why we have Tinder Plus.

With Tinder Plus you get unlimited swipes, and hence your chances of getting a match is completely dependent on and limited by how well you design your account as there’s no limitation on the number of swipes you have access to.


Rewind Your Last Swipe:

We’ve all come across that pathetic feeling that you get when you mistakenly swipe someone left and realize that the account of the person that you just “rejected” by swiping left might be the one, and now that the deed is done there’s no way you can go back and undo it as you have the normal version of Tinder and it does not allow you to undo your swipes.

With Tinder Plus you have no such issue whatsoever as you have the option to rewind your swipe. By using the “rewind” option you’re basically recalling the account that you mistakenly swiped left and you can undo your mistake by swiping it right.


Tinder Passport:

Another great feature that comes along with Tinder Plus is the “Tinder Passport”

This feature is extremely beneficial if you’re an avid traveler, or you’re constantly making business trips. The Tinder Passport feature allows you to change your location, no matter where you are.

This way you can preemptively change your location to your next business trip and hence make great friendships and contacts before you actually reach that place.

This feature is not available in the free version of Tinder, so Tinder Passport is another major advantage of having Tinder Plus.


Unlimited Number Of Likes:

In the normal version of Tinder, not only do you have a limited number of swipes, but also a limited number of likes.

Liking someone’s profile is a great way to show some extra affection to the few accounts that really stand out, but this is really not possible for people using the normal version of Tinder.

Luckily with Tinder Plus, you have access to unlimited likes, so there’s no holding back now, you can give likes unlimited amounts of time.

Moreover, you can always see whoever has liked your profiles which is a great feature and a major advantage to have. Hence, purchasing Tinder Plus is a great idea for you if you want to know who your secret admirers are.


No Ads:

Needless to say, those ads really ruin the whole experience of using your favorite app.

Ads in the normal version of Tinder are especially annoying as they keep popping up in between your swipes and every now and then you end up opening an advertisement out of nowhere and it can sometimes drive you crazy.

So, needless to say, an ad-free version of any app makes the experience of using that app much better and Tinder is no exception.

I hope that through this article it’s very obvious that even though the free version of Tinder is usable, the paid version really does enhance your experience.